about kat haggerty


Kat said, "it was time, again, to re-create myself--one needs to do that every decade or two! So, what's next? Let's seeā€¦ I love clothes, I love jewelry and I love to encourage women to dress--such that when they look into the mirror, they are taken back and say to themselves, 'this is very cool, this works, I feel wonderful'. Women in their 30s and older, need to look relevant in today's fashion, without looking like a teenager. I want to take a piece of today's contemporary, youthful fashions, and incorporate it into age-appropriate apparel--with a definite twist--to shake things up a bit!"

Kats-eye Boutique Unique Casual Clothing And Accessories


Kats-eye Boutique opened in March 2014 on Tennyson Street (Berkeley's Cultural District of the Highlands), "Denver's Largest Neighborhood." Hitting the ground running, to serve the Denver Metro area, Kats-eye Boutique offers unique, casual clothing, accessories and home gifts.  

Denver native, Kat Haggerty, had the good fortune of being a woman's clothing designer with her own line, Haggerty ArtWear, Inc.--manufacturing nationwide for over 20 years. Come on into Kats-eye Boutique to feel the passion behind Kat's desire to nurture you with unique styling possibilities.

Tuesday - Friday 11 - 5
Saturday 10 - 5

Sunday 10 - 4